He ripped your everything to absolute pieces, didn’t he just?
The drugs said he must, stroll on into this particular midnight disco as charming as James Dean at full flight, bringing with him a replica of Colin Farrell’s sprightly eyes – agonisingly blinding and enticing kinds of savoury
A smoke to choke your mind into subtlety set suggestion, can you even bring yourself back to remember when!?
One pill and your still here… he smiles a desperate smile, this handsome and chiselled man suddenly piled atop your every quivering bone
He uses his deceitful tricks to tear your pretty being to the core of its perilous existence, trim your dress right down to size in a most horrendous manner of speaking
We sat and watched and recorded it all, fashioned our very own smiles while your princess nature gets to fall
It was his manic hand on the small of yours sensuous back that said it all
Perhaps you asked for this

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