Cursably good – Be rather rude not to upsettingly interrupt

This living, seething, broke-down anomaly named a crying shamed thing

‘Twud be far too good though, wouldn’t it not, to fail only twice as shy as never seen before – As of then, and when, they shall spontaneously combust and eagerly pardon themselves outright vilified

Whilst, all awhile, sellotaping rigorous smiles tightly, sprightly.. immediately right by

Clockwork eyes – Of both hers aside jovial mine
Making it masterfully better so soon as when

The cliche ‘plaster-cast’ suddenly slips itself from Unforgettable reach

Sure ‘twud indeed be a sickeningly suggested, shamed thing not to professionally permit them this one Unforgettable permutation of lonely Theirs. .. …

So soon as when, inevitably, both invitingly, we finally, both gladly, get to justifiably Becoming = Equal to this measurement of

A crying, bestial thing

Of interlocking, -loping Evil

Only minus

The necessary need for caplocks this time – A purloin piece of meat taken a sneaky, thieving picture of the other person’s

Favourite savoured misbehaviours – Translucent insofar as so goddamn soon as when

We’ve been caught kicking our old-school nooses

Into irretrievable touch again

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