Memories caught and causing my mind to lie right by the system of a down – founded right by the kindness of your centurion eye

Ferocious men have drowned in far weaker waters, so it madly seems

My oh, why
has it all of it been so very long in the unaccustomed tooth since we’ve taken our sweet, sweet silhouette time again
And reminded the other cursed person exactly where the moon amounts to many a thing

It’s been shining mightily bright like its been taking the slow-mo pills all by itself
So as to pop the thrill and meet it at sedation’s halfway
Please don’t walk away… I’ll get busy again and bring things back together and savour my mental sensations when needs be

This is supposed to be only kaleidoscopic escapism and no other kind of imprisonment whatsoever – imaginatively we built the roped ladder out of bricks and dishevelled mortar and gathered ourselves to sit, witness, watch

… And intricately listen, while these endlessly uncontrollable people try outlandishly hard and fabricate our fall

From something sentimental, appears to be I’ve been lending my sordidly secretive dreams in heaped detail to only ever you and it feels, it feels… it feels all kinds of supernatural and problematically exceptional, hmm… don’t you think?

Can I not bring you with me wherever I might like to go next – only you and our coping rope of extracurricular mechanism?

I see that you’ve been wearing you snidely attired wicker-worn jeans, as blue as the picture-perfect colour of your contagious eyes that your knowing mother enthralled upon you

To hide from me,
And fend away what is inferior and to magically meet
A man who sits to endlessly sip on superior

I can’t explain this any other way and I am sincerely sorry

Like I say,
I’m rather robotic by default and standing at a fair distance right about now
Holding onto my whisky and screaming coke as though t’were the other person were sipping it for me

I am absolutely rooted by the shape-shifting spot – where you heavy heart implodes to smash-and-grab, beat-back explode

And, so you do know, I will smile a thousand angular miles wider than the whole envious world on Earth to meet you …
(Light it on up)

… Masterpieces of their polka-nosed own who will stroll on in regardless of that, remove their misshapen manly masks and listen to what your dreams have been thinking, carrying nothing precious gathered and parcel-wrapped, bullet-proof blasphemed midst our plain outright fantastically fabricated everything

And they cannot ever get to explaining it again

Because you and me, my American Mary, we were heaven-sent and meant to mean all kinds of softly spoken everything

Are we really Chicago-driven with wings sellotaped right by our crying sides…
Bohemian and born beatniks by bare-knuckle creation

And why are you so shy when I am willing to roar it from the scatter-crashed rooftops for you?

If this is terrible love then I’ll still drink all of it in