Been ‘beautiful’, some shall say – so very acutely aware as to the absolute nature of it all

Fastidious people who do take some time indeed
to wine aside pine like clock-stock crazy

Beneath these utmost hungry skies of, they shall sit and fold misshapen legs to prey, deceptively treasured theirs

Holistic ‘sweethearts’
bringing fliers and pink flowers atop chocolate ‘cookie’ everything

With delicate smoke-diamonds of their wide-eyed own
permitted safely inside

To strike their utterly
individuality none too subtly through each ‘corrupt’ one of us

who tend to carry kaleidoscope hearts fair detrimentally within

at lightning speed, per say

Til we breath akin to derelict they – make tumbleweed, upside-down hay
Stick a fork in it, we’re the crumbs… to reimburse this feast

Where ever did they go?

Up in vanquished ‘smoke’

And, what’s more, in an oh so strangely general scheme of things

Buddha be to God, we’ve been hoodwinked to crazy

Gotta blame the flaming-lipped taste