Normally speaking they’ve parted ways with the way we wonder about all things random actually. We’ve felt the feels and taken enough drugs to tug us back.

“Please let’s see how the next sentence attempts to sincerely scintillate.”

In the middle of the seriously bespoke conversation he went and spoke for someone else ENTIRELY. Soon as she sat HERSELF apart and took her time at unwinding – “her abstract eyes.”

There’s been an instant issue occurring inside of us all anyway and we’ll really need to help one another at becoming these –

Playful people. “Where there are surely only so many more lurch-some words in one world and they’ve to figure a BRAND NEW WAY IN.” She’s been secretively pointing at all of the lopsided people AT FIRST GLANCE and making her mimicry of mind chance a Dostoyevskian dAncE.

It does indeed look like we’ve been
Recalibrating our state of aforesaid instant gratification. “When the constant conversations get to inevitably… coin themselves BACK TO RELIEVING yet again.” It’s surely the smallest thing, really, to’ve spoken with them with our tongue tied desires

Comfortably crying: “inside of our vagabond eyes.”