We will sit right here ’til your tears are dry
I’ve been thinking and your kind of blinking just will not fix anything
You play the fender bender guitar like you know where you are
Yet when you distance yourself you distance yourself to death
I regret to inform you it won’t always get to be a mid-evening show
These corrupt lights are blinding you
Toe-to-toe – reeling every single stranger on in
It’s a sin to think this way forever
You’re flailing rather stereotypically, and we cannot watch it anymore
Your tears are pouring – warming only your critics downright ugly cockles
Might a shock to the system work at all – this ball of pent-up regret drowning you out entirely
Nonetheless, it does seem to flame these fires of passion which swarm fair masterfully within your musical belly
When will we ever get to meet the real you though?

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