You really were beautiful, mind-alteringly albeit unquestionably so
These high-wired people approaching your particular homegrown corner as though the next coming perhaps – none of them religious yet everyone willing to genuflect in one manner or another
The words used on your rip-roaring behalf far more grandiose than anything that this particular writer can ever let himself muster together
Nonetheless, I will devotedly tow-the-line ’til finally getting to understand just what it was that managed to set you oh so wondrously apart – like an important piece taken from every single Hollywood glamazon from every single decade available
The perfect multi-coloured jigsaw building itself on up ’til remaining surreal kinds of reminiscent
Your eyes, your quick fire mind, or maybe even your soul?
Or simply the way that you dressed to impress…
All of these pretty little eye-watering intricacies, homegrown fixtures, singing for their every single worth
Soon as you stepped on into a room, any room for that matter, the conversation, however unwilling at first, just seemed to always look to steer itself in your all too expectant direction
When even these things with no emotions gained a thirst

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