I’ve been strutting my stuff fair affably, bottle of cracked Chardonnay gripping my flailed arm
We’ve been waiting for this to occur, only far more probable when you let yourself be both in and around me
When it all gets to happen all over again, I’m six-pence none the richer and I feel oh so goddamn good for it
This attitude needs to breathe every other way
Forever and a drunken day, just when will we see that it needs to be this way
I’m winging it oh so magically, a fair tragedy that you and yours could not be with us
For this has been waiting it out a fair while
Touch my smile and get to see exactly where we came from, this place is just like the rest, impressing all of us without ever leaving any real stain
Remember, we always get to forget who to blame
Then there were ten, all of them high and dry – the apple to a quixotic yet oh so goddamn magical eye
Brain-bashed oh so stereo-typically, when we stretch our landscape-roaming smiles ten-thousand miles wide
And then your dress fell away, shorter than way back when you were nothing but a promiscuous mistress snapped entirely into play by my twelve-string guitar
There you are
For all of us to catch, lap on up oh so tempestuously
Breath, goddamnit, breathe!!

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