A good question, what are we really doing with our time?
Using it to our full potential, somehow I don’t think so
Hours spent in bed which could have been used to cut the lawn, even as much as tending to an ailing someone
Time usually wasted staring out of a window, forlorn, used instead to come up with the next great outdoor pursuit, one that suits everyone, goes about filling their day ten times over
Nights when, owing to our boredom, we catch ourselves so far from goddamn sober, unable to navigate, instigate in the best way possible how it is a close friend might like to spend their time, something that absolutely needs to be stopped, otherwise we  will undoubtedly all come a cropper
I know that you think money is the answer
Well, it’s not, there are a million and one things out there, activities that don’t necessarily need to be funded, a ridiculously abundant supply of entertainment that was always meant to be free
So do me this one favour, add a little or a lot of flavour to your day, when the Postman/woman calls don’t just shrug and close shut the front door, be sure to thank them for all that they do
This is you, your life, so be it you share your time with a wife and kids, or some predetermined occurrence made that an impossibility, stay in the game, stir it up, add to this one chance at life your own kind of quality