It’s funny, but I actually don’t think I have a fucking clue what it is that I like. What I simply mean by this is with regards… hmm, things that can appeal to me or simply impress me for their basic worth alone. So here goes nothing, my attempt at seeing what things actually might in fact appeal to me even if my ridiculously impatient and fast mind doesn’t all that often get to take the time to realise it. Sloooooow the pace right down then… to a slight, whispering murmur… . WALKING: I do in fact like to walk, perhaps because there has to be something out there of intrigue to me that gets to play a strong part in influencing my style of writing – it could simply be the bare and and solid fresh air out there that manages to relax my state of mind rather than what is actually immediately stood right in front of me on a far more visual level because, to be perfectly honest, I don’t really hugely take all of it in. Except for people, I do take them in, a whole lot of them and on a seriously annoying at times visual level, even the shit ones I’m afraid, who unfortunately, or fortunately maybe I seem to be abl to gauge for their shittiness from a mile or ten million off. So maybe, just maybe it is my own mind and it’s rather interesting approach to how it actually might just take to configuring, or reconfiguring as the case may be, these everyday occurrences of mine – many of them pretty damn mundane in most people’s eyes – around me that appeals the very most. A sunny disposition, if you like, and a quick-fire and fierce-some way with words whether everyone gets to see it that way or not. That in itself, by the way, is more than fine in and of itself with me. In fact, I’ve surely realised beyond a shadow of a doubt lately that I want to make all sorts of talk about my literary life as small a subject as humanely possible. I love the writing part, which more often than not takes no more than anywhere from between ten and forty minutes when it comes to the bare essential part of creating the rhythm and rhyme… for me anyhow. So walking and WRITING, and the prospect of living a contented and fun-filled life full of good, good humorous people like me in general. The endless possibilities and the ability of certain people in my life to be the better versions of themselves is a huge thing too for me. And friends… of course my close friends – and quite a few who wouldn’t necessarily be that particularly close with me in terms of how often we might meet one another – appeal to me… like crazy, in fact. In many ways I suppose I have a lot. I like my particular outlook, as I say. So the rest is wonderfully left up in the (fresh) air for sweet, sweet misshapen interpretation and always and forever I do indeed hope waiting to see what might just happen. It’s all good 🙂

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