There’s probably a million good+GOD =ways for their minds+to+go… into total lockdown actually; they are intelligent imbeciles a lot of the period of time and

In the middle of some of it they did tend to end=UP: underestimating the state of utter entitlement. We’ve been —> bOunCinG aBoUt(!!) now: “inside of your own maladjusted MinDs and

Bloody well= estimating our time of utter underSTANDING.”
If they were really going to achieve the best that they can’Ve gotten to get {there} eventually…

“Then they’ll need to… momentarilyMESMERISE many a person’s eyes(.)” we do noT believe in Letting them Leave Themselves totally alONE ANYMORE sIMPLY beCAUSE—

It’s unnecessarily complicated when they take tUrNs at -)) running amok __ _ “And making mischief seem Like The GreatestGame on utter eARTh(!!)”