She’s been stealing her own vision yet again. Been there and down a few too many rabbit holes altogether actually. She’s been making up for the wasted morning-time with ALL EYES marvellously mesmerised. She’s a desire with its own WHITENING OF L!E(..)

_ An unsettled girl of One And Only Universe. “The thirst… through it ALL for utter perfection, IF THAT EVEN IS A SINGULAR THING.” We’ve sorted out the inescapable stories which hold held hope anyway, we’ve even traipsed across the starry lands inside of a MERRY-man’s mind.

If she really wants for anything then she’ll MOST PROBABLY want for us all to make a SuddenMost gesture of spectacular inundation. “A smile arises that owns its own puppet-string of person. Indeed, we do this because We Want To

Lose our morning-time minds in the most tremendously idiosyncratic way.” When we want to… “NOT elaborate on any of this unspeakable shit anymore.” There’s its folding door WITH ITS OWN BACKHANDED COMPLIMENT and it really does seem to have its very own

OFF-BUTTON, actually. And as abstract… as a matter shall begin to become a barefaced fACT. One day too very soon to assume. Anything else other than utter self-automated happiness