What would I do?
Well I’d place ’em in all of the right places, of course!!
A few too many in Manhattan to check out what it is all of the famous faces might get up to
Another heavily bespectacled group inside of a fast food restaurant to see who’s really eating what, who’s eating not, before relaying all of it right on back to my nutritionist friend
Then, so much as two thousand in and around our most worshipped mountains in the land
Those seven wonders you all speak so highly of might be quite nice too
… Seven or eight a little or alot ahead of myself so as to make sure I’m never, ever late again
When I see a girls locker room OF COURSE I take one hundred more eyes and ABSOLUTELY press zoom – if I’m so lucky as to get focal priority
I only one such lad after all
I know this is odder than odd by pretty much any account, but fact of the matter is this, I was given the opportunity and I sure as hell need to take a surefire shot
The rest…? I think I’d have already impressed myself enough
So, there’s my honest to goodness say
Ahem… nice knickers by the way!