We didn’t even take breaths any MORE(..) than before – didn’t even EVEN(..) the score with these/those and every other elderly little wisdom-wishing imbecile. We are

Cutting up their big-bad-brains and making sense of the nonsense inside (OF THEIR LETTERHEAD HEADS again) so as to transFORM it (ALL) into, ahem…

Unidentifiable ArT, perhaps per LaPse

in Carefree CONscientiousness(??!) It wasn’t An Ask, and it DEFINITELY-WAS-NOT a question posed at these MONEY-ridden people with

Mixed~up financial{AND-marital} StatusEs, actually, and taking it all, unbeknownst to them SELFISH-selves and TRUE TO ****** UP FORM,

Outrageously-away-from-us. The times were tight and translatable too, As To “WHAT(???)” {the ****} it took ~~.

For their utterly pragmatically enLARGED worth. “It isn’t hurting for any other reason than ((THAT’S)) the thoughts that tick and ToCk (AnD GatHeR tO diStantlY dance AND shock) inside of their

What to do: with the… the stuttering state of illFATED toSsEd SaLad And disheveled sCramBlEd eGgS? Is to…

RePHRASE it again, please, and to throw it all up aGaiNst the world of wide-OPENING-arms and utterly instantly, plEEEEEEEEASE…

… … and to == gently+both+mentally exPRESS {our PROgression to only ever} ourselves as these push+pause SELFmade WannAbEs of extracurricular frAGILITY(!! .. .)