Amalgamated patchwork millionaires staring down the barrel of a Best Bloody Memory and moment to moment remembering —- “how we ended UP calculating the Greatest ClaShinG of aforesaid momentary minds Alive(!)”

If, indeed, she isn’t happy then she’s definitely been “making the turn of phrase purchase its own gaining (again).” They won’t mean to’ve been taking

… polls of the wrong kinds of People AnyMore but for JUST BEFORE – “it all went UP in self-PRIORITISED smoke. She’s

Wondering how the **** her adDleD mind managed to make mere and EAGER moments wonderFULLY aforementioned cOllIdE anyway, even if she’s been

Burnt at the ****sake stake – .” And if it’s really worth nothing to mention everything else again …

then mightn’t we all as well’Ve been aforementioned recalling ALL of these fleeting, minute by minute, freezeFRAME memories of credible comprehension.”