A little bit of time taken and they seem utterly ashamed — to look at themselves SQUARE and queerly in the face.

It’s a rush of rhapsodic blood to their heads, that fall back

Upon another ten-thousandth bed. “We’ve been thought-of and -about.. even if we haven’t needed this particular thing. It’s in all-of-us

That wraparound, wrOUGHTiron ability to displease EACH and someone else. And if we really wanted to have jAdeD ourselves To The Bone of our humongous beings, then why NOW.. and “WhY not(???)”

Think about the time it might take… to take themselves to that other outlier place… “of cRoWdEd-in ambivalence indeed. We were standing tall AND short… … and somehow SALUTING all of the correct kinds of ImPerFect people actually.” Were even

Neglecting to make mountain($) out of nonPURCHASABLE gold: when these molehills will do “fine, thanks for asking.” Like stepping stones to

“HOLY-MOLY!!!” Only.. we’ve seen it all before