The glare-grabbing looks will fade into serious insignificance as they always shall

While his mind rumbles, roars back to a most tellingly astute life
The flip-side extraordinaire

And these numbingly numbered days get to become utterly carefree accustomed

To being permitted upon He, to be Incredible again

He plays/preys oh so goddamn worn-out hard
Time again

And stays the rather inviting distance, no less vilified by this burgeoning and twisted life

While other people falter and attempt to fabricate, only to find their crucified minds to fall and shamefully fail

At the next great hurdle
For no known reason – See, he has been undeniably bolstered,
by all-of-something… and so lukewarm suddenly

The come-on-up-for-air will need to appear to be the only manner of speaking to tweak the deafening difference within

Wherein this moment, monument in kaleidoscopic time, tends to fending for itself
Wherein the matter of factual fact better parts of this mammothly suggestive being mean to make all sorts of imperfectly perfect sense

When bygones fall and fecksome taper away, by the antagonised/demoralised wayside One. More. Time.

Yes, the devil still notoriously resides, still livid, living vividly within – horn-to-horn with his natural-born

Albeit oh so very stereo-typically shrinking-violet amidst,
this Heavenly Creature of ours

These drugs do work,
ladies and mental-men, welcome to the tuck on in, p-l-e-a-s-e

Forever of a day blasphemed, to a barbarically anointed point

Of utter corrosion aside unbelievable resilience
Thought Cause – of one young man’s strife-time

These dreams are begging to be relayed,
dreams within war-locked dreams within inescapable dreams…
of him being who he just might have been
Had he been mind-bogglingly free

And. It. Will. Continue. To. Feel. Just. Like. Walking. Through. Invisible. Flames,
however tame in comparative comparison
To whichever life lay
right behind Him, please let it be – wishing for simply

When he lifts his fully-fledged face and tastes the silenced pace, for all of its wide-eyed worth on this tempestuous Earth

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