His sincerity caused a crux near the feet of the peripheral well-wisher’s fear – these rhododendron people who carelessly carried with them, mixed-up minds midst absolute and utter animosity
For the person who supposes the most shall fall harder than that of the false pretender, yet twice as mighty by the meaningful ending
See, Richard lived his once-upon-a-rocket-scientist’s lifestyle miserly within the cornered wall confines of an unsettled basement apartment block all awhile looking up at the Oklahoma skyline
Not a pretty penny to his name of names and his female counterpart felt his wash-board pain rain whilst she drained the dollars bill signs away from his secondary brain – bullfighters and bare-naked daft Spanish ladies who still remained a fair while
Wonderfully reprimanded and with
Angular-spectacular smiles plied upon hostile faces and treating his scamming, scramming dreams to misbehaving metaphors, please… sink your teeth on in
As they continued to scream sweet, sweet make-believe delirium within these three-rounds of cacophony sounds, and all awhile proceeding to part vacuously suggestive legs whilst insistently getting to forever slumbering full-well within
Aforementioned mixed-up brain
Only then was their strategist friendship signed, sealed ‘n’ beneficially remembered – dependent wholly of course upon what side of the turnover coin we left ourselves stood gloriously atop of
By the shredded nerve-ending/fame withstanding