He sits with knees haphazardly crushed against a jelly – belly torso
Plumes of unavoidable smoke to choke only ever these black and tarred lungs right out – the remainder will have to zip on up, struggle on regardless
Pardon itself unnaturally hapless, these eerie a.m. times try as they might not to suppose a Miraculous way out from intricately, preposterously, so Fucking behemothly beneath
These neglected feet which shy harshly beneath have failed to see a single droplet of water in nigh on over three whole weeks – speechless moments for their agonisingly extracted worth alone
Prone pretenders with nothing but popularity and viscous recurrence Which distills the envy within what could’ve, perhaps should’ve been – suicide lands upon you soon as courageous nature takes fancy flight, and, finally, thankfully to Christ he can very nearly feel it

Get to aforementioned feet and treat yourself to sounded – out brilliance