They’d done the deed indeed times a thousandTimes of inadvertent intelligence, actually, and we are —) acting our upper-echelon of AGE AGAIN(…)

If, AND when, the shoe replaces itself with another far more idyllic SIZEandSITUATION-oF-FoOt, and these ARE the most annoying and handsomelyInappropriatePeople

Known to ANY manANDwoMAN, of course. It does UPset us to say THE VERY LEAST but——…) when the crawl begins all over again

This is when(?) all the questionings get Multiplied MERE-eagerly And Their Eagle-EYED AFOREmentioned intelligences are (so very SUDDENLY…)

Not meaning to ACTutterly holistic, indeed. However!! Something had to have StIrreD their sarcastic sOuLs because—

“Right this immediate minute? They’ve opened UP their eyes and SHUT THEIR soundboard of Mind… to cellophane survive.” When they have been airborne and sitting with a tick-TOCKING MOTHERF*CKING timeBoMb inside, THIS is when

Their identification will need to begin: to ULTIMATELY deFINE AND defend them// there is strength

And then……… there is the sTranGest cAsE oF STreNgtH In ThE whole-wide-WoRlD:: named MindPUMMELLING OCD// “HAVE ME!!!!”