This ordinarily fixating instance of TwIsTeD bLiSs really should ((ALL-OF-IT)) (BEG)in to mean someTHING(!) e-x-t-r-e-m-e and Pristine… to them/ Seems to be, to We, (that) they have been t-y-i-n-g their mimicking AND P-A-R-A-L-Y-Z-E-D minds

To the shapeShIfTiNg size of their fav(OUR)ite best D-R-E-A-M-S-C-A-P-E-S a(GAIN)

WHERE-EVER, Whenever(!) Will their sEnSe of personal sp(ACE (BEG)in to soar!? To… righteo(US)ly restore its very own f-a-i-t-h in these mis-pronounced endeav(ours) of Ours: Which W-I-L-L –

Go WHACK, THWACK, BAAAANG… “BOLLIX!” in the middle of the m-E-a-N-d-E-r-I-n-G nightime- “Oh, my!” The time is NIGH and IT has been… … r-e-a-c-h-i-n-g

Its near-ending, and they w-i-l-l ALL (of them) need

To a-t-t-e-m-p-t to duti(FULLY) depend(judgeMENTALLY!) up-on (ALL OF) these other play(FULLY) pLaGiArIsEd P-e-O-p-L-e of Peripheral pErSuAsIoN.

Can they? CAN’T they!?… … SHOULD THEY?!!

“Could they EVER-EVEN begin to think this W-A-Y, though?” At a thousand miles-a-minute

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