Truth be told, I dunno if you have got what it might take
I mean, you’re really putting me on the spot here
Oh so near yet oh so goddamn far, what you sometimes call me to say
Longing, dreaming of being on a par with mere mortals and far, far more
I really think that from an early age you actually grew to quite abhor the written word in a most ridiculously ironic way
Close-shut that particular door, there just ain’t no air, you won’t stand a prayer
An outright sin, pretty damn absurd by my reckoning
Seeing as you do rather enjoy this Almighty sword fight – pen fight, whatever – with people so far from mere mortal it’s rather unnatural
Give yourself some time, one individual never broke the bank on their lonesome
It takes a lot more than a couple of averagely resilient poems
Thankless people ’til you ladder your way towards that poetic steeple you so fondly speak of
That terrible taste that, perhaps, in the end, does stand to serve you a notch above
By the way, there’ll be a helluva lotta push and a HELLUVA lot more shove
So, rise above, why don’t you?
Genius means nothing unless you’re all toowilling to strut through the ungodly rut