Have it on rather good authority you to have almost slept your way to the very top, is this true?
Indeed it was, the subtle nod of her head said it all
A different kind of bravado altogether
But no way not to stare in absolute adoration
By Christ those water-work eyes, a body that tempted you entirely without ever really making an effort
Knowing it was so far from Fort Knox felt incredible
After all, I was this fine company’s CEO
Soon as our eyes met once more, I went about adding myself to the list
Sometimes a drawbridge cannot but come crashing down
Underwear right around an ankle, she climbed aboard my particular ‘ladder’
Right to the very top
Sometimes what is shrewd can indeed turn out to be awfully business-like too
“See you back in your office then, Rosemary!”
Little did I know it but when she made it back as far as her new life all she could do was stare at her own feet, miserable, unable to meet herself in the middle
Wilting every other single day