Simple as this, Sweetheart.. Sweating vehemently again against the feared face of popular, angst-arisen opinion – ‘Sink,’ says the weight of some mindless imbecile, whilst an-other interspersed sprinkling of imperfectly persons prey.. For him to fullyfuksake skill-fully scribble and swim.. … back by the bodacious, both welterweight brim

The thirst of the sudden both sullen surface truly does try too hard sometimes, some may say it mightily amidst procrastinating and inevitably impending Delay- What is ear-qua-kingly scintillating.. “Yes!! There is a serious science to walking through New Orleans ice-rinks at midnight.”

He silently screams her nocturnal=name, fathoms an upside-down flicker of a famous flame – simply swears at his back-to-front brain and states precisely what he sees .. She is equally sorry for all of those back)to(front, upside-over-underbeneath, reversed and rewinding, both reminiscing and reminding




Sink, pl+ease!!!! “Til you see/seize Me.”

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