They were derogatory for a reason; for being these… statues of stay away poised people and we

Don’t seem toWant to warrant to annoy their upset souls the most because— “choosing a new choice will take them to a realm of graphically stunning awareness.” That’s just a truth and an eyeopening element of one person’s

Push for — “utter imperfection. As her warbling tongue anoints itself SELF-chosenAgain / and her choices became”

This… dystopian thing of remindful intellect. There’s a level of mental respect in there and they weren’t even able to understand it; “not just YET.”

But they will, and they actually do; at least in so far as theBETTERparts Of You have to underSTAND

“Exactly where we’ve been.” It’s… loosely speaking(?)… about as irrevocably PulSatinG (as it can be) at the Centre of our Demonstrative Brain. And we do break the rules to be here without being

——)Everywhere and anywhere else all in one “GO!!” They do this other thing, too, though: we go… “inside of our own minds to fight” while you twiddle your thumbs and smile