“Are you sure?”
“Absafriggin’lutely, this means everything to me… you KNOW that!”
“But… but she’s hardly… what you might call… beautiful, is she?”
“Yeah she IS, she’s perfect for me; why does she need to be skinny and wearing a princess crown for her to be perfect?”
“She doesn’t, she just needs to not be wearing a bloody knife and carrying a noose around with her now and then.”
“Okay, I hear you, but she’s different.”
“She’s always there for me.”
“And for her victims, ’til the very end. C’mon, man, this is just crazy.”
“I like crazy, it works for me. It gets me going, you know?”
“No, I don’t KNOW!! This unnerves me, how could it NOT!!?”
“Listen, killing people – mean people by the by, deserving sonsabitches – to one side and she’s kinda your 10/10.”
“In WHAT kind of world!? Tell me, please, in what unsavoury world are the bipolar, anxiety, and crazy fits of laughter in the face of adversity a TEN!!”
“In a world where I’m only ever happy when I’m sad, where people gurgling in blood puddles excites the life from me, and where EVERY time I incur hardship I thrive.”
“Tell me, how would a date go EXACTLY?”
“Pretty good, actually. I’d like for you to be our waiter, for us to perhaps book a table at your new restaurant. You’re the only one who ever got me, really. Although you do seem a little more on the fence of late.”
“No… it’s fine, I’d have Manson in if it meant a hefty tip at the end. Kill on, brother.”

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