It’s this propellor like state of affairs, actually, it’s NOT all that we cracked it UP to have been either, “passing the buck and making our kind minds utterly underSTAND..

The state of Mother+nature.” Things will be strange and defiantly derivative, actually. And.. if they needed anything then

It’s the able-ability to steady their HABITUAL~heads and ABLY~reach for yet another person’s face.

When It yearns for a sense.. of differential bliss, of adolescent kisses touched, tWiStEd, and terrifical.. it TASTES.

We are turning these StampHappy~sentences into another type of Transformative~thing Altogether and simply because.. the difference between this/THAT/and any other STATE OF rAdiCaLiSEd over-thINKing really is..

A rather… never to be Forgotten: Bolt From The BLUE. Yes(!) “their KIND~minds may well have been blinded// but oh, My:: here comes the might of Light.”

And it’s frightfully fucking pragmatic