They’ve been crying out loud albeit at a severe and serious distance from all this audible adultery taking pace of place between tens of hundreds of probably… billions(?) of PeOpLe

With their words and wired minds shattered, their eVeRy thoughts playfully ScAtTeReD

Their every LAsTINg feelings
To the end of a bottle of mildly inexhaustible inSINuation.

Have we really all of US been bothering to take any SUCH notice of them ANYMORE at all.. cept of course only EVER for the creeping, CrAwLiNg, wishing… WILLINGNESS

Of one singularly and suggestively robust writer’s Pen, and and aaaaand

Ultimately, Gaining that utterSeNsE of unsuspecting storylineAgain

Even if there Isn’t EVEN any such pen… in the first place improper- rather an impish reflex of the mind and his typing dialling fingers will FiNd

Something forever worth MeNtIoNiNg

To mention it now is to watch and witness it eagerly GLOW. And GROW…

To a place of distance and disheveled acceptance