When I took her manicured hand we just went for it outright
An insatiable thirst to burst back upon any scene know to any man – the heavy and rather forgiving landscape really didn’t seem to matter so long as one of us had the other
Terrifically driven and entirely accustomed, our wanderlust minds having to find a surefire way
Some way, the only way
I sit by the temple and smoke my doom whilst she frets about all of the pretty little things
Her make-up is rather perfect, so you know
I’ve never seen a more beautiful woman in all of my life, curved supremely to within a blasphemous inch, extremely able albeit sweating from all of the heartache which I am about to half-heartedly bestow upon her
Cloaked in these altogether treacherous daggers
Her cheating ways are utterly unbeknownst to me but when I see her hiding beneath that patchwork quilt of ours, his filthy size-ten feet dangle from the side, all hell will break itself irreversibly loose
I’ve seen prettier nooses in my avid mind altogether
The blood will pour like never before

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