That tidal wave of Pearl River creation, a solo showcase of utter disenfranchisement

Hours upon… and the nocturnally estranging wideness, weirdness, bone-dry idleness beneficially abounds amid complete unerring make-belief. That ill-founded, -fitting, flitting imagination proceeds all awhile no dry eyes anymore. Keeping the appreciating moments matrimonially open-ended, specifically glory-driven aside undeniably fixated. Forever ferociously attempting at failing to fit in. Remains mysteriously ignominious and thinking a thousand ways outside of the box of infamous tricks. Walking with invisible flames near his barking brain, purposely well set and, sincerely, just something ceremonious will need to establish itself. Abstaining from the seen-to-be debilitating levels of breakneck-speed lethargy. When wound-up beatnik rebellion carefully, -lessly proceeds amid clear, visual concentration. And a brand new avenue welcomes itself in – road after unvisited, -invested road of metaphorical majesty, the ethereal belief that ceaselessly comes with being a little big bit comfortably twisted. Soon as the meandering moments within his cranium-strain become meaningful, -filled. Be it an avid, over-enthused and decidedly self-entitled artist, an unmerited author, or a wide-awake, living, seething anomaly, left to wholly implement the previously uninitiated and to strike its fledgeling idea right near the visionary eye of the edited skyline. Forever about to be fanatically, fantastically treasured. Even if initially they will fail to feel it for their posthumous selves. Left to their own under-entitled devices and still thrilling the bones of their Vaudevillian beings. A panoramic vision of everything that the upset usurpers shall fail to feel in the first-place-improper. Ashen-faced reprobates with nothing but a hidden, singing, stinging keynote wish to endlessly, inevitably become… gluttons for ingenious punishment

And, all awhile, the genius catches kite with the sight of his favourite best mind… a mind that matters even at the worst of times. A little big bit paralysed albeit baby-steps progressive

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