A conscientious blockade and that’ll have to have been the obsessive taste – a racing, hot-wiring of the beautiful brain

All before it could ever hold itself inordinately still… twitching, problematically trouncing the truest heart unknown for now and forever tongue-tied

The poor romantic, poetically imbalanced wannabe what he is… is what he cannot ever get to be
Brain-pained, cranium strained, aside undeniably frightened to the penetrated core of a paralysed, oft retarded

Heart – the Jekyll and Hyde darkly threaded tale of a try-hard hybrid that still stands hazardously divided down the screaming, inescapable middle
Perished dreams that shall not pass the point of invaluable return, revoked as opposed to requiem, whilst all awhile his upside-down, locomotive smile earned him his jaded stripes

A rooted version of the same truthful person who agonisingly perishes furthermore midst this rollercoaster ride of lying, mixed-up emotions

Carries with it twenty-four-years of opinionated irrational oblivion
Never oblivious, not one bit, and therein might solely imply the size of the utter vitriol and agony that only he can know of its searing whereabouts

When an absolute polar opposite personality catches both quietude and kite
When both stirred occasionally within and taken momentarily away

From it all – monstrously magnificent, headstrong insistent and, suffice to say, a warlord, five-million word dedication ran right the way through it


Many a heartbroken man who carried with him half the prodigious pain, half the confiscated brain, who had to have simply tampered with the detrimentally delicious ideals

Of a beautiful, silencing suicide…