They were upside-down now and then and definitely aware as to their utterly wayward world; they are being visited by all of the wrong kinds of minds of Paralysing People and whispering them well… … … “As they leave for seen-to-be FREEDOM(!!)”

It’s unsteady to think of their dreams being torn toward turmoil, their bodies broken down and fighting amidst crippling inundation… of

Layabout overthinking. “They don’t like what they see every other evening as these

Hospital doors shut LOCK-TIGHT and they just might StrUggLe to come UP for suddenly Air(!)” We do miss them, but they’ve missed themselves for faaaar longer than imagined.

Down the rabbit-hole of mental delirium they did go —- • with their spontaneity struggling to survive every single morning —aforeMENTIONED—

Of pill-popping persuasion inside their want-away Brains