Fair question, yet no-one really had the answer
Too much going on outside, too little time to pack up and run
On into a far finer life
These the things which we needed to go through
Silent nights few and far between
A keen eye out on my father’s part
Praying that the war won’t restart all over
Hidden behind a governmental barricade, I soon see myself fall into his line
And pray
The sounds are utterly alarming, we close our own eyes to try and grasp one of our many siblings’ hands
The shiver, it ran all of the way down the centre of my spine
The hair on the back of my now stiff upper neck tingling to a point of no real return
They did this to us
And, now, all I can think of is a mug of steaming hot coffee beneath my grandfather’s porch back home
My, oh my, that memory-stricken light
Midnight and completely stolen away in a most opposing manner to right here, right now
I close my eyes all over again and try and imagine so much more

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