She’s blaming herself again for the way her moments meander… “just like a Holocaust HOLY-FUUUCK DISASTER!” She’s

Making it seem credible that she’s been churning sentences over inside of her violated head. “And if we really want for the bottom-of-the-barrel people to bOunCe then that’ll do FINE, thanks for glaring inside of our

Holocaust minds.” When there is… this rather rhythmic thing about losing your brain and attempting to remain relatively SanE anyway. It’s that bottom-dollar deluge and it’s been feeding the fucksake people for their HEAVY-HANDED sake. If she did not get to sit right down now and

“Make egotistical sense of herself again then we cannot do anything else other than…

Search for her searing sense of singular vision inside of a ransacked mind.” We don’t search for sugarcoated desires anymore… … . “What we DO do is WE SEARCH FOR THE PARTS OF THE WHOLE PANIC-STRICKEN PROCESS THAT hold happily… … … their very own breaths brought remarkably back together.” And as for the rest?

We may as well differ and digress and still hold the whole of our soul: “black blue and beautiful.”