You take it, you make it, you constantly break/it/back/together yet again. Pen, pad… ambidextrous Paint.. “RUUUSH!!”

At the shape of the inescapable landscape which STANDS steady/hEaDeD before it!

An exceptional artist shall NOT get to officiALLy become this EXACT same sane THING, until… his mInD meanders UNTIL.. DEMONstratively mOvEd AND to a perfectly paralysing point… …

of unarguable cutthroat comfort of clearcut concentration.

There IS No fucking COMFORT anymore, “that just it!”
The size of their wide/awake, “stayAWHILE” wIt$ the ONLY/ever/thing- to set this CANTankerous CANvas apART.

At the start/ When his breath matters the most
More than a host of other false pretenders

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