She’s been meaning to spell the whole damn thing out, to sizeably amount to everything when least suspecting
It will take a meticulous degree of foresight plied aside undeniable upheaval, to brave it out and battle hard amidst these tears of a harrassed nation – sensationally soft in its altogether interrupting nature, albeit so far from righteous it’s downright ridiculous
When she stood on up – remarkably astute – and saluted those who truly do matter the most, the pretty clandestine wallflowers of their own homegrown accord who make the downtrodden scene feel that little more real
Far more sustainable indeed, time to breathe between the rough and tumble rubble which cascades in concerning parade, hurts their every next movement
Stealing what’s magic amongst the undoubtedly tragic undertone prone to seriously earth-shattering reoccurence
They will stone her to bloodied pieces given half a chance in hell – cloaked and daggered inside of hard-boiled shell suits, their own salute to the derogatory system
Trust us, she shall dance nonetheless from the jaws of irreparable defeat, her most memorable feat to date – history awaits her soliloquy fate
And she’s dressed herself for the occasion, adamant upon leaving an indelible impression, a necessary stain on aforementioned slain system
Soon as she plays herself in to rip -roaring procedure all over again
Braver than those who have half-heartedly come before her