She sits rather silently right from the tapestried beginning – seems this clapped-out and barbarically manic guitar was made to be her particularly bespoke word-piece
All too gladly – to unequivocally preach and screech… and reach like no-one’s known business
Where utter individuality takes the undivided time to concentratedly wine ‘n’ dine a thousand-and-one such otherwise frazzled minds
She will sing and soar… and rip and roar
‘Til these what do appear to be all too fleeting memories get to setting themselves in lavishly instrumental stone – will have you outlandishly reminiscing when least suspecting
This story holds no barriers but for your own egotistical unwillingness to listen
Be it whilst tapping your jaundiced feet mid high octane office meeting, or simply strolling to her fastidious beat with your cuckolded Marlboro smoke down these noteless streets, no feat too ferocious altogether
This mammoth and outrageously colourful city nestled in Manhattan that has painted the serene picture only it’s been waiting for the sentimental vocals to match and go – they own the property rights whilst we steer the flow
Prone to a little bit of peculiar crazy so as to cause them all to taste the taste
When She Copied And Pasted Herself On Up Inside Of Your Warlock Minds, soon as these musical notes do find the time to dutifully interrupt and float you on up