He placed down upon the dinner-table – awash with multi-colour nonetheless – his umpteenth dry-wit cigarette
Fretting almost anything and everything going on about the place
Nothing, really, other than pure paraplegic, the taste having already faltered a long while ago
Incredibly so narrow
Failing rather grandiose to bring it time and again however hard he did try
His damnedest to recall far superior happenings, adamant upon bringing it to this peculiar table
Truth told, less than able
A pin-striped suit – hazardously wayward at best – which said it all oh so falsely
Precarious nature – cock-eyed, the rest could go fuck themselves!!
For he had done it all oh so wrongly
A strong admittance to age-old indifference
When his very own family had left him behind to toe-the-line entirely
Dried right out fire inside of a wanderlust belly
Crying out oh so damn silently
Dining it out all on his agonising own
Perhaps this cumbersome, fair typically lonesome soul might just need to delve a little deeper
Why won’t you!!?
Take back all of these things you were once so alarmingly promised, upon a most sincere wish and a prayer

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