They’ve been beneath it all and acting DragonBreath beautiful— “eeek and Awe(!)” for it is, in=DEEEEEEEED(…) a silenced dirt of night and MIND outRIGHT(..) When

“We <> needn’t fear for the stricken~feeling which passes us by &STRAIGHT THRU from

Ahem… me to… WHO(???)— >> Yes(!!) it is Pass……. jail-again and, ahem… “GO-OOOOO!”

As harsh AND… (as) hard as humanly possible; to’ve tickled~themselves~pINK in the ace of spadesFACE

is to have …> > “made creation COUNT for something u-t-t-e-r-l-y cope-able and copiABLE, actually. What they believed isn’t exactly how we (have) felt— so far

From the surface of physical Survival even if(…) our unidentifiable minds have DONE it: a thouSANDtimes too+MAAAAAAAANNNNY.”