What if, though, what they worshipped WAS THEIR OWN SOURCE OF entitlement anyway? These… purely ENHANCED questions: and put forth by:: “the people of Piedmont Society And Sycamore Persuasion(s).” It is

Likened to a million other things and they seemed utterly able to
Place their minds and far reaching, -rEaCTinG faces::: “truly ahead of the gAme And Oh So Mother EffinG FREAKuently(.)” They never wanted to do another single thing yet again

“As we tied our passive minds to the lightning rod of Dostoyevskian SKYline(..)” and ached to act k!ndly Amidst This

About to become: “(rum and coke) thunderstorm actually.” It is a cats last laugh As Her Lives DwInDle themselves

“NOW(??)” ~~~ ~ to NOT a mother effinG Sound but for the price of utterly eyeOPENING frightful-ness… actually. “Where(??)” we have been is anyone else’s

Mentally maddening Quest At An AforeSAID: “frightful guess.” She’s

Nine lives in and still S!NGING(…) with all of the alternatively supreme and tWiStEd UP things.

So… “supPOSE we were to entitle our aforementioned selves to all of the thoughts in this whole wild/w!!!!!!de workings of a world, and utterly proposed to SUPPOSE(!!)” to

Ask a million more merely manageable questions of the

Thoughts that really all oughta inevitably understand their semi automaT!C statements By Now… would they really “take a last stand and answer at a pace

Of. Purely. Courageous. Intelligence??”