Together they break bread, break boggle-minded bounds… and try, try, TRY!!

For an all-out SeNse of sacramental/sacrificial underSTANDING: Even IF, AND when… the penny DOES in-fact drop, that wrought-iron inclusion of religious realignment LOSES

Its singular sense of past-TENSE appeal; NOW… … nothing but for a peripheral thing, and thought-of ONLY-ever by…

These nearest-and-dearest people…
fearing the WorsT-CaSe-sCeNarIo inside of their heads: to have tied their LesSer sTate of hateful selves…

to a “good” God that NEVER ACTUALLY wished to be

ToNgUe=tIEd… to any kind of religious UpHEAVAL. Soon as they separate themselves (from the devil) they’ll separate seclusion, it seems

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