He was particularly interested in infesting himself within this particular investment of tailSpIn problems.

he’s.. a risk~TAKING Creature, a man of benevolent and bravadoLEDenthusiasm, and we DO(!!) entirely for its woundUPworthSeeHim. “and YES, it’s a work in PROgress, and YEAH.. it’s been.. an experience of Dragging his heel….”

farther than anyMAN–canCOPE. oh, but his mysterious((mental))MECHANISMSreallyAre—

“outrageously impenetrable.” As the man who stares into the MightOfMirror (AtNight)and Ably~well~AdJuStS just oneTime, his Charlie ChaplinESQUE bow~tie. As he proffers for a tailspin~smile

-as an antelope~crowd bows down now:: illegitimately here and carefullyBOTHcarelessly+listening to their own state of impending appreciation .

“He’s a STANDING~Tallmasterpiece, Y’all..”

Knowing that IF they DID say these things then… It NEEDS to mean something