She did everything to make the all too piercing and telling difference – pushed and pulled herself to an improbable, seriously insurmountable extent
A rapturous aside potentially untapped personality which tended to pen exactly what it imagined yet, nonetheless, agonisingly failed to ever experience
This is it, the ultimate comeuppance as such against her every single floored will
You need to simply believe what just heartbreakingly occurred right here – that she Is Still There
Only just
So near in many a glass – partitioned manner of which
A frightfully misaligned, entirely crucified life gone shape – shiftingly awry – but, so you do know, the pain had never been left to battle, flutter and beat dangerously about of its own haphazard accord
Prone to pretending ’til pretending appeared to be but a relative pasttime of mass – enthused kinds, ’til all failed to make final aside unfamiliar and rather beautiful sense for the very first time in her surreal to say the least life
When a good, good mind cannot quite lose itself enough to bid farewell
Like I say, glass – partitioned happiness, one hand tantalisingly placed upon the righteous prize of a lifetime, the other grasped unfathomably, inexplicably asunder
Even she couldn’t make this stuff up – rest – assured, she will be remembered for this and nothing else