“It will happen as soon as you get yourself a book deal, steal a publisher’s eye for a while…
Then, and only then will you finally be able to make every single reader out there smile
Just that one publisher so as to take your writing for miles, when fiction well and truly becomes reality
Imagine that, wannabe laureate
Here you are, sat listening to J.K Rowling, an interview with Oprah Winfrey, it makes the mind boggle, the need for you to not want to have to wait and see
Wanted to be a writer since she was five, you no different, in fact from what your mother says you gave it an earlier shot from the age of three
There are enough poems there now for you to sit on your laurels perhaps, but I get the feeling that’s not your way, you just not that kind of chap
Word of mouth says that you mustn’t ever wrap it up or you may just be setting yourself an all too early trap
I know there’s undoubtedly a whole lot of crap you will have to trudge your way through but lend me an ear when I tell you this, it’s written in stone, I think, your literary ability to reel the readers in, set their imagination alight, make them feel the need to read on
What every great writer must be able to do, stay strong in using the slew of words that they have been given in order to leave an imprint on each and every one of them, people across the world become smitten
You dream big but you have too
It’s your prerogative, to choose what it is exactly that works for you
A few will never take to the written word, and even though you will eventually find that to be a rather absurd admission, fact of the matter is this, you’re missing one important piece of ammunition yourself, to enjoy the written word
Equally absurd
If you truly want for your books to end up on a person’s shelf you will need to appreciate what others write, even if the writing does come at you off each page in the shape of pure and other tripe
Write on, that’s all I have to say, keep plugging away and I’d very nearly put my house on it
You, my friend, will have your day, your just deserts, your complete and unedited say