What if we did the utterly uNthinkable yet again and came and went and did a million other utterly: “upside down, LopSiDeD things(!)” When(??) there were surefire ways whenever she needed to know:

What (the fuck) happened to the luck of the draw, “WHEN(…) they drew their very next BreAtHs when ALL TOO necessary and

++ ended UP entitling themselves anyway (…) to this ShaPeLeSs SenSe Of insinuated bliss!!”

If it really did take an ocean of washed UP wannabes to bring her envious things, i.e. HER immediate THINKING… back to right-about-NOW

~ then how, though, do we ever even BegIn: “to make it FEEL LIKE

a good, good… GOOD(!!) and DAMN(!!!) bliss-f!lled actuality… actually?”