He is dressed to impress, to wholeheartedly set these altogether pumping hearts apart – when a rather affable and altogether charming soul gets to caress the Broadway flow to a point of no real return
These sweat and tears, copious years of over-indulgence have seemingly turned him into a safer than safe bet
First with the soft Armani blue tie, to summon everyone else’s eyes – realigned ’til remarkably tidy all over again
Then with an extremely pristine and perfectly pressed navy blue blazer to send the middle-aged ladies who will clasp their Michael Kors bags all kinds of crazy insane – a manic flavour lent to the memory to perhaps get to forever savour
And last but never least, gleaming bright new Gucci shoes and a pair of lightly sparkling trousers that manage to fasten you to your chair
When the whole wide city set him up for the time of his young life
His pretty wife sits in the front row, winking at him every single nerve-tingling time, silent as quicksand in the summertime
These trembling and rosy-red stripped lips adamant entirely upon willing him on

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