Beautiful art. Art that matters- to someone somewhere, somehow… this particular artist has, in-fact, portrayed a subtle sense of scintillation, ALL with-IN the credible clutching of

His merriment PEN – IN-FACT, A dAnCINg hand that can. Own its own whole wide-awake world, only forever minus anybody else, in-fact, even MINUS

Himself, perhaps? This magnetised and stayAWHILE mind which W-I-L-L meaningfully MeaNdEr AND find… …

the mere thought of time to ALWAYS have been
An awFULLY colossal waste of space and forward-thinking OVER-exposure of EXPLOSIVE(!!) OVER/emotion.

A part of the Brain fondly able to abstain from all sense of momentary purpose… “again!”

Is for it… to wax, MeAnDeR AND wane!!
“Like clockwork fucking crazy!!”

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