These days are harrowing to say the very least
Besieged perhaps, contrary lapses in once-upon-a-time awe-inspiring demonstration
Immaculately placed concentration often than not swimming tremendously within our stop-start hearts
When everything just suddenly seems to start to breath all of its own tragically pressed accord
Shape-shifting all of the goddamn time, unable to lend itself to a constant kind of sublime
Remember when…
Eager to rewind all over again if needs be
Then the shine begins to dim, trimming itself right the entire way out
Something we will only ever get to dream of from now on in, or how it does indeed appear to be
Your shark-eyes are seriously fixated yet that undercurrent of perilous regret remains incredibly obvious
I have to ask you this though, push to shove have you truly got the forever gloves to hold it all in place
I’ll raise a glass either way, toast your rather courageous attempt
But tell me, will the utter distaste lend itself to bubbling at the dangerously enticing brim all over again
I do worry, detrimentally so

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