His twisted smile appears to be but an up – turned smirk
Silent now, yet one man’s preposterously insightful words will garner terrific steed
Breathe with lavish wings penned upon strong, nonetheless
For a million roaving minds to have and to treasure for all of a curious generation, tenfold, perhaps
Beating these otherwise mindless doors down for their prone to under – enthused, poorly analytical worth – when one sudden prepped step in the right direction multiplies to catch wind and correct a thousand misconceptions all of its own
Fan the necessary flame, to flagrantly interrupt our wartorn pain
This country’s been yearning to hurt a little less for his Undivided attention alone
As did his in – born intricate need to deliver to the thankful masses in altogether fastidious waiting
Fate would have it all and carry it on proud behemoth shoulders right to the flowered and blessed floor