It all mattered more than you can ever imagine, wholeheartedly bandaged above all else and ready to push these things to an altogether memorable level
Pegging it and a whole lot more – these incredible wits have been courageously stored, ready to rip-roar
Masterfully so, in fact
We’ve been impressively, rather delicately caressing the high-wired opposition into all kinds of crazed submission, and all of it owing to a seriously sought after set-up in the very first instance, ridiculously deceitful to a surefire and necessary extent
They will turn out to be terrifically wounded, possibly sounded right the entire way out
Precision aside these immaculately intricate and fully earned underbelly occurrences of ours that will eventually flourish of their haphazard own
When we just needed to breathe and soar, unequivocally so

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